OPC .Net client server toolkits for OPC DA, HDA, AE, XML-DA      Advanced
         OPC .Net client server toolkits for OPC DA, HDA, AE, XML-DA
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Advosol offers the most complete .NET
support for all major OPC standards:

OPC Classic Components
for the C# / VB.NET Developer

OPC Classic .NET Client Components


OPC Classic .NET Server Toolkits


OPC .NET Express Interface
For the C# / VB.NET Developer
and System Builder.

OPC .NET (Xi) Converters
DA server converting one Xi server
Xi server converting DA/HDA/AE servers
DA server converting Xi servers
Xi server converting DA servers
Xi server converting XML DA server

OPC .NET (Xi) Client Components
PaXi (Xi, DA/HDA/AE, UA)
Xi Option for OPCDA.NET
Xi Option for OPCAE.NET

OPC .NET (Xi) Server Toolkits

OPC UA Server Toolkit
PaXi Client Base (Xi, DA/HDA/AE, UA)

OPC XML DA Web Services
For the C# / VB.NET Developer
and System Builder.

OPC XML DA Gateways
OPC DA Server-Side XML Gateway
OPC DA Client-Side XML Gateway

OPC XML DA Client Components

OPC XML DA Server Toolkits
XML-DA Server

OPC Classic for .NET

Advosol offers OPC .NET components for the DCOM based classic OPC DA, OPC HDA and OPC AE specifications. Our high performance .NET wrappers work in 32-bit and 64 bit mode.
The Client Development components and Server Toolkits support all .NET versions and can be used with all Visual Studio .NET versions.



OPC .NET (Xi) bridges the gap between Classic OPC and .NET
with a smooth migration from DCOM to WCF communication.
Advosol offers a comprehensive set of Xi products.
Converter servers, Toolkits for Xi servers,
Xi Client SDKs for .NET3, .NET4, .NetCF and Silverlight



To protect your OPC investments, Advosol offers an OPC UA Server Toolkit that uses the same customization plug-in as the Advosol OPC DA, XML DA and Xi server toolkits. Multiple OPC specifications can be supported without additional development effort.
With the OPCDA.NET-UA client component applications can access OPC DA and OPC UA servers through the same API.

OPC Client APIs

OPC client applications are usually implemented based on a commercial component that handles the OPC communication. The interface the client application developer uses is specific to the used component. The Classic OPC specifications define a C++ DCOM interface but no .NET interface. The web services based OPC specifications define the communication records, not the API.
Choose a component with a convenient API that preferably supports multiple OPC specifications for the flexibility increasingly needed.

Free Tools

Advosol offers many free tools. Test clients and simulation servers for OPC DA, HDA, AE and XML DA help in the testing and trouble shooting of OPC client and server applications.
The OpcSecurityAnalyzer shows and explains local and remote DCOM settings and helps resolve access issues.
The AdvosolProductVersions utility offers a quick and easy way to check the current product versions and the recent modifications.


1/30/2014 The uaPLUS OPC UA Server Toolkit has been upgraded to include AE and HDA functionality. It uses the same adaptation plug-in .NET assemblies as the Advosol toolkits for Classic OPC DA, AE, HDA and OPC .NET (Xi) servers.

6/11/2013 New OPC UA Converter Server Products:  COMtoUA makes OPC UA servers accessible from classic OPC DA/HDA/AE client applications. UAtoCOM makes Classic OPC DA/HDA/AE  servers accessible from UA client applications.

12/22/2012 New Product:  The OPCAE.NET-Xi add-on option extends classic OPC AE applications with the capability to access OPC .NET (Xi) servers thru WCF communication. Use it combined with the XiTOCO converter server to access remote OPC A&E servers without DCOM hassles.

11/1/2012 The OPC .NET (Xi) client and server toolkits have bin updated to the specification version 4.0
The DAEtoXI converter now supports OPC DA and AE. Together with HDAtoXi and in combination with the XiTOCO converter Xi server any classic OPC server can be remotely accessed thru WCF.

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