UA Option for OPCHDA.NET

Aug-27-2018    V3.2.1
Minor updates in the UA Stack code

Jan-19-2018      V3.2
Configuration and Certificate helper methods added in the Opc.Ua.ClientDA.ClientUtils class.

Aug-31-2017   V3.1.0.1
The configuration utilities are updated to the V3.1.342 UA stack. Certificates created with a previous UA stack version are not compatible (Sha256 signature required) and need to be re-created.

Aug-25-2017    V3.1
With UA stack V1.3.342  and OPCHDA.NET base V9.0.2

Apr-24-2017    V3.0
With UA stack V1.3.341. Added support for Visual Studio 2017. Support for .NET3.5 discontinued.

Oct-22-2016   V2.4
With UA stack V1.3.340

Apr-14-2016   V2.3
Support for UA Methods added.
Application can define trace mask and prevent the config file trace mask setting being used.
Added properties UaAppConfigFileAutoCreate and onNotifyUntrustedCertificate.

Dec-1-2015   V2.1.1
HDATime string was not checked for empty strings, causing an exeption.
Url prefix "uahd" is accepted in addition to "ua"
Attribute ID was missing in ReadAttribute result.

Oct-23-2015   V2.1
Added method GetEndpoints(string discoveryUrl) to get the UA server endpoints.
Added the property PreferredEndpoint to request a specific endpoint.
Sample projects improved.

Oct-11-2015  V2.0.2
Bug fix, only the DA quality was returned on reads and set on updates.

Oct-5-2015    V2.0.1
Bug fix in GetEnum. With BrowseMode ITEMS the NodeID was returned instead of the BrowseName.
Bug fix in BrowseTO.

Sep-3-2015 V2.0
Based on OPCHDA.NRT V8.0. Built with UA Stack V1.2.336
Upgraded to support Visual Studio 2015, .NET4.6 and Windows 10.

Jun-4-2015    V1.1
With UA code V2.5.1 (after DA CTT test).

Mai-1-2014    V1.0
Initial Release for OPCHDA.NET V7.0. Built with the OPC Foundation UA Communication Stack V1.2.334.6