XML-DA .NET Server Toolkit Version Log

OPC XML-DA .NET Server Toolkit

V7.0.1   Aug-2-2018
Memory leak in cancel subscription fixed.

V7.0     Oct-19-2017
Updated to .NET4
Visual Studio wizards removed from setup.

V6.5       Jul-14-2016
Option added for Poll RETURNALLITEMS timestamp returned as local time (non-compliant customer specific behavior).

V6.4       May-27-2016
Support for Visual Studio 2015 added.
try-finally added for most mutex protected blocks
Poll RETURNALLITEMS now returns unchanged items with current timestamp (according XML DA specification).

V6.3.3     Jul-11-2015
Branch thread protection added in BrowseLeafs().  
OpcXmlDa constructor Lock() replaced with Mutex.

V6.3.1     Jun-13-2015
Additional logging.

V6.3        Mar-18-2015
SetItemValue() handling improved. null values are now never written into the cache.

V6.2.2     Mar-4-2015
Bug fix in V6.2 changes. Value null check was missing in Subscribe. ValueTypeQualifier now always in read result.

V6.2.1     Feb-23-2015
Bug fix in SetItemValue to prevent the possibility for null reference exceptions.

V6.2       Jan-1-2015
Try/catch blocks added in all Add/Cancel subscription protected code sections.
Try/catch blocks added over all mutex protected update code to prevent possible deadlocks due to invalid data.

V6.1       Jun-19-2014
Support for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 added
Bug fix in GetRefreshNeed(): could cause overflow on 64bit machines.

V6.0.1     Apr-25-2013
Special version for IEC61400-15-4 support added (not part of the toolkit distribution).
Bug fix in Write handling. Errors from NSPlugin.WriteItems() were not correctly processed.

V5.3       Jun-9-2011
Support for Visual Studio 2010 added.
The CancelSubscription handling is updated to terminate waiting poll request.
The ConcurrencyMode of the WCF service is changed to 'Reentrant'.

V5.2.1     Oct-10-2010
Bug fix in subscription handling: The polling buffer was filled with the current timestamp and the previous value/quality.
Bug fix in SetItemValue handling: A call with value=null (Nothing) does change only quality and timestamp.

V5.2        Apr-17-2009
Subscription handling improved. GetProperties for 0 items threw an exception, now returns with an empty result.

V5.1        Aug-9-2008
Visual Studio 2008 support added (wizards, integrated help and solutions for sample server projects).
The generic XML DA server is updated to work with the new plug-in DLL method overloads added in the DANSrv OPC DA server. The additional method arguments are ignored by the XML DA server. The change is to make all DANSrv OPC DA server plugin DLLs also work with the XML DA server.
Bug fix: Item value quality changes didn't queue change for client polls.

V5.0.1   Apr-24-2007
Incorrect (partial) documentation help file was in the distribution.

V5.0     Apr-10-2007
Support for Windows Vista with WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) added.
Samples and documenation improved.

V4.0     May-10-2006
Support for .NET Framework 2.0 / ASP.NET2 / Visual Studio 2005 added.
Compliance tested with CTT V1.0.4

V3.1    Jan-17-05
Adapted to XML-DA specification 1.01 and complicance tested with the newest OPC Foundation compliance tool version.P>

V3.0.1    Sep-18-04
Company name changed to Advosol Inc. Copyright notices and URL's updated.

V3.0    Aug-31-04
The customization plugin interface is updated to be compatible with the DANSrv 3.x OPC DA server. The DANSrv plugin interface had to be modified for OPC DA 3 support.
The new plugin interface is flexibler, easier to use and allows higher performance. A V2 wrapper assembly is supplied. V2 customizatioon plugins can be used unmodified if performance is not a major issue.
Sixteen sample servers are provided with their Visual Studio VB or C# project. These samples demonstrate the use of most features including serial and TCP/IP communication, and can be used as a starting point for a custom server.

V2.2.3 June-12-2004
The ClientItemHandle was not always defined in the SubsrciptionPolledRefresh reply.

V2.2.2 May-11-2004
The setup did not rename the file web.config.distr to web.config
Sample customization module with item configuration in file CfgSample.xml (in Evaluation Version and Professional Edition only)

V2.2.1 April-24-2004
Tested at the OPC Foundation Interoperability Workshop and with the Beta version of the OPC Foundation XML-DA Compliancy Test Tool and made the necessary changes (mainly in error handling) to be compliant.
Error logging can be disabled by specifying "disable" as the log path in the web.config file.

V2.2 Nov-3-2003
New Professional Editions with Update optimization and ConfigBuilder

V2.1 Oct-9-2003
Improved Test Client

V2.07 Oct-1-2003
Read/Write now returns ClientHandle. SubscriptionPolledRefresh now returns SubscriptionHandle

V2.06 Aug-11-2003
Faulty namespace in Properties corrected and error in Browse fixed

V2.04 Aug-5-2003
Wizards changed to work on systems with only Visual Studio 2003 (no VS2002)

V2.03 Aug-2-2003
ItemPath/ItemName incompatibilites corrected

V2.0 July-2003
adapted to OPC XML-DA specification 1.0

V1.1.1 Mar-2002
accepts null pointers in Browse ItemPath and ItemName arguments

V1.0 Sep-2002
based on OPC XML-DA specification RC1.8