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         OPC .Net client server toolkits for OPC DA, HDA, AE, XML-DA
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Migration to OPC Xi Webinar Recordings

The OPC Training Institue and Advosol jointly hosted a 3-part Xi webinar series about migration from classic OPC to OPC Xi.

  • Migration from Classic OPC to OPC Xi. Watch the Recording
    The presenters discuss the Xi technology and migration options with converters and dual-mode applications.

  • Hands-On: Migration to OPC Xi with Converters. Watch the Recording
    The configuration and use of OPC Xi converter utilities is demonstrated.

  • Hands-On: Migration to OPC Xi for Software Developers. Watch the Recording
    The development of OPC DA / Xi clients and servers is demonstrated with Visual Studio.


What is an OPC .NET Wrapper ?

64-bit Operation
.NET applications are by default compiled to run automatically in 64-bit mode on 64-bit systems. However, currently only the Advosol OPC .NET wrappers are capable of working in 64-bit mode. With other wrapper products the .NET applications need to be compiled to only run in 32-bit mode and cannot take advantage of the capabilities of 64-bit systems.


OPC Standards are explained and compared:


.NET3 (Windows Communication Foundation)
.NET3 is the default on Windows Vista and can be installed on other Windows versions.
The communication features of .NET3 (WCF) are generalized and enhanced. Web services, Remoting and other Microsoft communication features are combined into one application interface.
.NET3 Web Services can be configured to use different communication protocols such as basicHTTP for .NET2 web services compatibility, TCP for high performance, secure HTTP and others.
The Advosol XML DA client and server products are provided in a version for .NET2 and one for .NET3. XML DA with .NET3 offers many of the features that will be available with OPC UA.



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