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         OPC .Net client server toolkits for OPC DA, HDA, AE, XML-DA
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8/27/2017 OPCHDA.NET V9.0.2 released.  UA SDKs updated to stack V1.3.342.

4/24/2017 Toolkit and SDK products updated to support Visual Studio 2017.

1/10/2017 New Product: The EasyUA UA Client SDK complements other Advosol products that support OPC UA thru Classic OPC and OPC .NET application interfaces.

10/31/2016 All OPC UA products updated to UA Stack V1.3.340.

4/18/2016 The updated UA client SDKs OPCDA.NET-UA V3.3, OPCHDA.NET-UA V2.3, OPCAE.NET-UA V2.3, PaXi (OPC .NET) V5.3 are enhanced with simplified UA configuration handling and extended functionality, including UA Methods.

3/10/2016 The UA Server Toolkit V6.0 offers significantly enhanced features for stand-alone and embedded servers with varying functionality. History can be separate from DA or part of DA nodes.
The OPC DA Server Toolkit V8.1 can embedd the UA server for combined Classic OPC DA and OPC UA capability.

2/22/2016 The OPC UA Converter Server Products COMtoUA and UAtoCOM have been updated to V2.7

8/13/2015 Updated for Visual Studio 2015:  OPCDA.NET Client Component V10.0, OPCDA.NET-UA V3.0, OPCDA.NET-Xi V4.0,
DANSrv OPC DA Server Toolkit V8.0, DANSrvAE OPC AE Server Toolkit V8.0.

6/2/2015 OPC UA products updated after CTT tests.

3/23/2015 Updates released: XML DA Server Toolkit V6.3, OPC HDA Server Toolkit V5.2.2, OPCAE.NET Client Component V7.2, OPC Security Analyzer V5.2.1

2/17/2015 Updates released: OPCAE.NET V7.1, OPCAE.NET-UA V1.1, COMtoUA V2.5
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