OPC .Net client server toolkits for OPC DA, HDA, AE, XML-DA      Advanced
         OPC .Net client server toolkits for OPC DA, HDA, AE, XML-DA
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Xi Client Components

The OPC .NET (Xi) client components provide the base for interoperable Xi client applications.

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Category Description
OPC .NET ExpressInterface
The OPC .NET (Xi) ExpressInterface specification is designed to deliver secure and reliable real-time and historical data communication based on .NET3.5/4 WCF (Windows Communication Foundation).
Advosol offers Xi components and Xi enhancement options for The Advosol OPC server and client products.
Xi delivers fast and secure communication through firewalls and for simple implementation and use. Xi is based on MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and .NET3.5/4 WCF (Windows Communication Foundation).
The main design goals were:
  • Secure communication through firewalls and fast local communication
  • Reliable communication with error recovery
  • Simple structure to make servers and clients easy to implement
  • Functionality similar to OPC DA, AE and HDA combined into a single interface


Advosol was a charter member of the Xi Specification Consortium and was actively involved in the design process and the implementation of the sample Xi server and Xi client code.
Advosol is the first vendor to offer developer components for Xi Server and client applications. We also enhanced our OPC DA .NET Client Component and OPC DA .NET Server Toolkit with Xi options that offer developers the option to gradually replace DCOM OPC applications with Xi.


  • Overview of what the Express Interface (Xi, OPC .NET) is, how server and client applications can be developed based on the Advosol Xi components.  (440kB PDF file).

  • This PowerPoint slide show explains how users can migrate from classic OPC to OPC .NET based on Advosol products, either converter software modules or dual-mode client/server toolkits.

  • This paper explains the OPC .NET Communication and its Configuration.  (106kB PDF file).


Advosol OPC .NET (Xi) Products:
PaXi The PaXi client component greatly simplifies the development of native Xi client applications.
There are classes with convenient methods for asynchronous and synchronous server access. Asynchronous access enhances the quality of user interface applications because the application doesn't become unresponsive in possibly slow access to an Internet based Xi server.
PaXi offers Visual Studio toolbox components for basic server access handling. Instead of writing code the functionality can be selected in Visual Studio Designer editors.

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